From Sky-Scrapers to Pataal (under ground)-Scrapers (Pics)

Architects have designed an incredible 65-storey 'earth-scraper' which plunges 300 metres below ground.
The stunning upside down pyramid in the middle of Mexico City is designed to get around height limits on new buildings in the capital.
The subterranean building will have 10 storeys each for homes, shops and a museum, as well as 35 storeys for offices.

Underground Scrapers
Deep: The 65-storey 'earth-scraper' is set to plunge 300m into the ground beneath Mexico City

Underground Scrapers
Epic scale: The enormous complex is intended to get round the city's planning laws, which state that buildings can be no more than eight storeys high

Underground Scrapers
Landmark: The earth-scraper would be located in the city's main square, and topped with an enormous Mexican flag
A glass floor covers the massive 240m x 240m hole in the city's main square to filter in natural light from the world above.

The design has been crowned with a Mexican flag.
Esteban Suarez, from architecture firm BNKR Arquitectura, said the building would also house a new cultural centre.

Underground Scrapers
Scary: The core is all made of glass to ensure that all parts of the building receive natural sunlight from the world outside

Underground Scrapers
Relaxing: Designers expect the public areas of the building to become a popular destination for those wishing to escape the bustle of the city

Underground Scrapers
Heritage: The earth-scraper is expected to contain a museum and cultural centre which will explore the history of Mexico and its pyramids


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